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Laptop / Desktop Basic Diagnostics




Advanced Hardware Diagnostics


Advanced Virus Cleanup


Virus Cleanup + Windows Upgrade

$99.00 + $50.00

Hardware Replacement*

$60.00 + Cost of Part

All-in-One & Laptop Disassembly

$40.00 Additional Charge


Starting @ $60.00

Windows Clean Installation


Data Recovery


Software Installation*

$60.00 Additional Charge

Remote Service

We can remote control your computer for some of the services, and when doing so you pay a reduced hourly rate. (However, some services cannot be done remotely.) Only “actual” time spent performing remote service is billed. For example, if we run a virus scan, we spend 10 minutes starting the virus scan, your computer then takes an hour to perform the scan, and we spend 15 minutes going over the results, and finishing the removal, you are only billed 30 minutes for the “actual” time spent not the time your computer spent running said scans.
Click the link to download our remote service software to get started:


Rush order

$30.00 Additional Charge

Overnight Services**

$60.00 Additional Charge

New Computer Advanced Data Transfer


Commercial Onsite Service Charge


Website Design

Pickup and Delivery